Collection: Organic Hemp Protein Isolate 400g

Dairy free, gluten free, vegan friendly wholefood.

Tairāwhiti Hemp Co's Pure Hemp Protein is a complete plant protein that is one of the most digestable proteins and is also a natural source of fibre, amino acids, minerals antioxidants, vitamins and omega 3, 6 & 9. 

Helps Support:

  • Energy levels

  • Muscle growth, development & regeneration

  • Brain function and development & function
  • Hormonal Balance
  • Joint mobility
  • Immune system s
  • Healthy Skin, hair and nails

Hemp Protein can be added to:

  • Protien shakes, smoothies, baking or muesli

Please keep in the fridge once opened.

                           TAI-RA-WHI-TI – ‘land of the most eastern sun’

We are working with local growers to create a thriving hemp industry in Tairāwhiti,

enriching and enabling our people, helping to heal the land.

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